Ozark Mountains Stories

Ebook, Print and CD versions of Ozark Mountains Stories, Books & Country Store items available at the following websites.

EBook Versions Ozark Mountains Stories

AUDIO Version Ozark Mountains Fishing Stories

Print Versions Ozark Mountains Stories

Goldminds Publishing: http://www.goldmindspub.com/beta/?page_id=132 (Homegrown in the Ozarks: Mountain Meals and Memories – Blue Hole Novel)

You Tube Videos http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1BE64B41F74A0373&feature=mh_lolz


About Rolland Love

Author, Film and Stage Actor Resume Name: Rolland Love Height: 5' 10" Weight: 195 pounds Hair: Silver Gray Eyes: Blue THEATER The Salt Beat – Stage comedy by Tom Cherones former director of television's “Seinfeld.” Played a comedy character. Grinder’s Stand: A Tragedy in Blood – Reenactment of the death of Captain Meriwether Lewis 1809. Played Major John Neelly, Chickasaw Indian Agent. Lewis & Clark reenactment on the Missouri River. Played Silas Goodrich - Expert Fisherman on the expedition. Silent Movie – Played a Villain - Heart of America Renaissance Festival – Played a Medical Healer Union Cemetery – Played John McCoy - Founder of Westport TELEVISION, RADIO, CONFERENCE HOST Discover Channel – Mystery Diagnosis – Played a pediatric physician. Host at educational conferences and talk shows. FILM A Dream of Color in Black and White – Played a Monk - Monumental Film A Senior Moment – Michelle Davidson. Played a stage character Hooked - Jordan SPECIAL SKILLS Award winning and best selling author. Created and performed workshops and monologues. Professional storyteller, stage and set production.
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