Rolland Love’s Bio

Rolland Love is the author of award winning short stories, novels, a best selling computer book and a co-author of Homegrown in the Ozarks: Mountain Meals and Memories, a cookbook that was a finalist for best book of the year in Missouri. He created and presents workshops on journaling, writing, storytelling, life history for children and senior adults. He is a speaker, has appeared on talk shows, been interviewed by the Kansas City Star, and other publications have written stories about his Mark Twain writing style.

Rolland is a board member with the Lewis and Clark Historic Kaw Point Park, an environmental group. He was a reenactor with the Lewis and Clark bicentennial expedition and played the role of Silas Goodrich, expert fisherman. He created a workshop about the adventure which he presents to schools, libraries, retirement centers, civic groups …

Love co-founded a company that published an software series dealing with health education for young adults. He also directed the Respiratory Care department at Barnes Hospital, a twelve hundred bed teaching institution affiliated with Washington University in St. Louis.

Join us as we celebrate the people, stories, and products of the Ozark Mountains. We offer books and items for sale at our Ozark Country Store and Book Shop.

Learn more about Rolland Love by reading his google profile.  Send Rolland email.



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