Lewis & Clark, Life History, Writing and Storytelling

Rolland Love = Author – Actor – Speaker – Teaching Artist

☻ Lewis & Clark Workshop for All Ages
☻ Writing & Storytelling Workshop for Children
☻ Why Write Your Life Story Workshop for Senior Adults
☻ Fishing, Camping & Outdoor Skills Workshop for All Ages
☻ Author Award Winning Short Stories & Novels

Presentations have been made to schools, libraries, Boy Scouts (including campout weekends), Camp Fire USA, Missouri Conservation Commission Discovery Center, civic and business groups, dinner meetings, trade shows, assisted living and retirement centers … enjoyed by all ages.

Monologues and Workshops

Lewis & Clark: In 2004 – I traveled as a reenactor with the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Expedition and played the role of Private Silas Goodrich, Expert Fisherman. During the journey on the Missouri River in a keelboat and pirogues, I kept a dairy and use the information to create a unique, interactive, one-hour monologue about the Great American Adventure.

Dressed in trail-worn broadcloth trousers, linen shirt, carrying a haversack typical of the times and surrounded by authentic props, I take the audience back with me to 1804. During a reenactment we relive a day where Silas must survive the dangers himself while he catches a 100-pound catfish to feed the crew of forty-four hungry men. Preview Video of the event … http://www.vimeo.com/927403 Also, a Video of Love on a horse playing the role of Major John Neelly, Chickasaw Indian Agent in the production Grinder’s Stand, a stage play written by Oakley Hall 111 about Meriwether Lewis on the 200th anniversary of his death. http://tinyurl.com/yclcz46

Why Write Your Life Story: At the request of Johnson County Library in Overland Park, Kansas, Love created a one-hour monologue about why it is important for senior adults to write their life story. There are 50 million seniors over the age of 65 in America. Only a small percentage have written about their legacy. He has expanded the presentation to involve children writing the life story of their parents and grandparents as well. This facilitates increased communication as kids get involved in family history and take pride in recording stories and information for future generations to treasure.

Parents love the project as they enjoy telling stories and appreciate being involved with their children’s project. A recent class involved (120) 3rd grade students.” A DVD of A Life Story presentation is available upon request.

Journaling, Writing and Storytelling: Review: “Rolland, your presentation and workshop for Kids at Historic Oxford School took me back to my own childhood.

As I listened to you talk to the kids, I felt envious as I didn’t even think about writing until I was much older and, as a writer, have missed so much opportunity as a result. What a benefit to them you provide, perhaps changing their whole lives as they develop a skill that will support them in whatever career choice they make.

Your vivid images – the plastic rotting fish you passed around that made them laugh or the actual skunk and muskrat pelts from your Lewis and Clark Bicentennial monologue are anchored in their memories forever. They’ll find the journal you had them construct and start and still reflect on that snowy day at Oxford School 50 years from now”. (Annie Withers, freelance writer)

Workshops consist of hands on contact and class discussion. Dressed in my Lewis and Clark period costume I use unique and authentic props to maintain a high level of interest. Following my routine on the expedition we create a journal and record the day’s events while discussing the importance of journaling. Students gain an understanding of the writing, publishing, distribution, storytelling and art creation process from an award winning author.

Fishing, Outdoor & Environment Skills: I call on skills acquired when I traveled, as a re-enactor, with the Lewis and Clark Expedition and played Private Silas Goodrich, Expert Fisherman. I also, pass on experience gained while helping my uncle run a fishing camp on a spring fed river in the Ozark Mountains. I have fished from Canada to Costa Rica. In my workshop I demonstrate the skillful use of fishing equipment, teach how to tie flies, demonstrate the art of casting and share little know secrets learned as a professional fishing guide and Master Angler. Matchless fire starting from flint is one of many experiences in my bag of angling and outdoor tricks. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCSCbYba-p0

Lewis & Clark Workshop

Lewis and Clark

2008 – “The teachers thought your Lewis and Clark presentation was excellent. They also want to schedule you for your workshop to teach kids journaling, writing and storytelling,” Julie Heng, President – Parent Teachers – Pawnee Elementary School
2009 – “Once again, Mr. Love gave a wonderful Lewis and Clark presentation… I would like to have him come every year around this time. Thanks again Julie for Parent Teachers putting together such an excellent program for the students to enjoy and it’s so beneficial!” Heather 4th Grade Teacher – Pawnee Elementary School

“Your presentation as Silas Goodrich, fisherman of the expedition was the highlight of the program at Lewis and Clark Historic Park at Kaw Point. It was a thrill to hear something new and I thought I had heard and studied everything about the expedition.” Dan C.D. Sturdevant, Chair Lewis & Clark Trail Heritage Foundation

“Rolland, thank you for the excellent presentation of Ozark Mountain Memories and Why Write Your Life Story at Shawnee Heartland on 9/11. You did a great job!” Lynn C. Wild, Senior Services Librarian – Johnson County Library – Shawnee Mission, Kansas http://www.jocolibrary.org”

Re-enactor Makes Lewis and Clark Experience Real: Jennifer Bhargava The Kansas City Star “Rolland tells you things you don’t learn elsewhere about Lewis and Clark,” said Paula Simons, activity director at Aberdeen Village Retirement Center, Olathe, Kansas. Listening to him go into such detail helps get you into the spirit as well. He is a very intelligent man who gets down to the level of every person and connects.”
In addition to the Lewis and Clark monologue, Love conducts workshops to teach children journaling, writing and storytelling. And for something a little bit different, he also does presentations about fly-tying, fishing and outdoors skills. Many of those skills were honed while on the Lewis and Clark Expedition and growing up in the Ozark Mountains where he helped his uncle run a fishing camp.” Sally Huggins, Editor, Small Business Monthly

“Awesome Event! Your connection and command of the audience. Your pace, descriptions, humor and background information were wonderful”. John Krzysztow, Toastmasters International
“What a great program. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Ah, history! What really did happen?” Mason Ormsby, President – Shawnee Mission Rotary Club

The Historic Oxford Schoolhouse presents A Journaling, Writing & Storytelling Workshop for Kids
By Rolland Love member of the 2004
Lewis & Clark Corp of Discovery Expedition

Rolland Love kept a journal as he traveled with the Lewis and Clark Corp of Discovery Bicentennial Expedition in 2004. Love uses the journal a basis for this workshop. Hear about his journey and learn to keep a journal of your own. This workshop is an entertaining way to learn to write your own American history.

“Rolland, your workshop at Historic Oxford School was wonderful! It’s not easy to hold the attention of little kids, teens and parents for ninety minutes. Your pace, descriptions and humor were great. Having the kids make a journal like the one you used on your Lewis and Clark expedition, draw pictures and record their thoughts was an excellent idea.

I learned a lot about what all is involved in the writing, sales and distribution of novels, short stories and articles. I was especially touched when the two little girls came forward and thanked you personally after the session was over. I’ve heard nothing but good about all of your workshops and monologues.” John Krzysztow, Toastmasters International

Why Write Your Life Story

Rolland Love, author and storyteller talks about the importance
of writing one’s own Life Story.

“Rolland, thank you for the excellent presentation of Why Write Your Life Story at Shawnee Hartland. You did a great job!” Lynn C. Wild, Senior Services Librarian – Johnson County Library – Shawnee Mission, Kansas

“Rolland, thanks for your presentation – it was wonderful! You inspired me to write my life story someday!” Sally Sanem, Lifestyles Director, Brookdale Senior Living, The Grand Court – Overland Park, Kansas

“Rolland Love Teaches and Entertains Through Warm Stories and Humor:
Review by: Annie Withers
“Blue eyes smiling and voice drawing the audience to the edge of their chairs, Love’s “Why Write Your Life Story” is rich with substance and purpose. He’s built the talk from his writing experience, including novels and award winning short stories, covering 30 years where he’s probed his own growing up – fishing and in the lush Ozark Mountains. His latest book is Homegrown in the Ozarks: Mountain Meals, a cookbook co-written by Love and Mary-Lane Kamberg.”

“Love now has a larger goal – connecting the generations. He’s become a Certified Teaching Artist, a Missouri Arts Council program to bring the arts back into schools through artists sharing their creativity in classrooms and conferences and he is making preparation to become a national speaker. Through his carefully crafted and intimate portrayals, he fascinates young people with living history, to make them curious and excited by the efforts their own parents, grandparents, and great grandparents made to build a life.”

“Rolland, I loved your presentation at Shawnee Heartland, about the importance of writing one’s life story. Basing the talk on your award winning Ozark Mountain Meals and Memories recipes and nostalgic essays was a great way to make it real for people. I especially appreciated the way you used different elements to keep the audience engaged – passing around the skunk pelt, using handouts and telling jokes.” Dawn Downey, Freelance Writer, Member – Kansas City Writers Group, Missouri Writers Guild. http://dawndowney.com/index.html

CD Version http://tinyurl.com/436smye
Download Version http://tinyurl.com/3v3qabq


“To Understand Overland Park writer and storyteller Rolland Love, think Mark Twain,” Nick Kowalczyk, The Kansas City Star

“I liked the Fishing Stories recording, and your voice sounds very authentic, nice and crusty. People will think of an old grandpa sitting in a rocker on a porch in the Ozark Mountains surrounded by his grandkids, entertaining them with old stories.” Jim McLaughlin, author

“Rolland, my fishing partner Chris and I listened to your Fishing Stories audio on the way home from a bass fishing tournament and it was so good we played it twice. I can’t imagine anyone not liking the way you tell a story. Great sound effects as well.” Mike Overmyer, Hallmark Cards

“Rolland, It’s your voice, I love your sophisticated “Hillbilly” twang and the sound effects enables the mind to visualize the scenes and just about be there. Can’t wait to take my grandson fishing and pop in the Fishing Stories CD.” Larry Bodinson, retired PI

“My dad and I visited the Ozarks recently and we played your Fishing Stories recording over and over on the trip. Not only are the stories great, there is a lot of thought provoking information about the joy of living in a simpler place and time.” John Trager, Captin’ Catfish, Kansas City’s Premier Catfish Guide

“Rolland, I really like your Mark Twain style of writing and storytelling. I vividly remember your compelling novel the Blue Hole.” Molly Martin, Scribes World

The Blue Hole Novel

“To understand Overland Park writer Rolland Love, think Mark Twain.” Nick Kowalczyk, The Kansas City Star

“The Blue Hole is a great book and will make a great movie. Mark Twain meets Deliverance”. Mike Daniel, Director, Burt Reynolds Museum

“Glad to hear a sequel is in the works. I read the Blue Hole to my boys this summer on a gravel bar on Current River, a great book!” Jim McCarty, Editor – Rural Missouri Magazine http://ruralmissouri.coop/

“Rolland Love writers in the Mark Twain vein … excellent storyteller who does not rely on graphic language or sex to cover up a weak story line. The Blue Hole is a fast-paced page-flipper of a read.” Molly Martin, Scribes World

“Rolland, our daughter borrowed her nephew’s copy of the Blue Hole last week. She said she read it in one setting, because she couldn’t put it down. She said, “Mom, it is so scary. At first I thought this is just too scary for kids to be reading. Then I thought no, it’s exactly what kid’s love. That scary, makes the hair on your arms stand on end kind of scared. And I saw those boys, Tommy and Dub setting by the fire at night talking. It was so real. I felt I was there. Great book!” Priscilla Maine, author

The Hannibal Courier Post, the oldest newspaper in the state of Missouri published a serialized version Blue Hole in its entirety. Mark Twain, who worked at the newspaper as a printers devil, wrote, self published and serialized the most loved, influential and controversial book in American Literature, Huckleberry Finn. Blue Hole received excellent reader response.

River’s Edge
A SEQUEL to the Blue Hole Novel

Why do we tell stories from our childhood? Is it because we want to share with people the beauty of the place where we lived? Or because we made mistakes and feel if we tell others they won’t make the same ones? Or that we want people to know we’ve lived and must be counted? Whatever reason, as I get older I keep telling more. It scares me. Some things ought to never be re-told I guess. Well, I’ve changed the names, but to change the places would be out-right lying—stretching the truth as I’ve often been accused of doing. This story, River’s Edge just crept out of me as I took my grandsons out to the Blue Hole in the Ozark Mountains, and let them relive my childhood with me. Lord knows I didn’t expect it to resolve bitterness with kinfolk…and certainly not solve a murder committed half a century ago.

The journey began as a celestial call from a spring-fed river in the Ozark Mountains. The power of water brought me home. All I had to do was patch up a long-standing feud with my brother, stop thinking about the murders and not give another thought to the old man who mysteriously appeared behind our tent in the middle of the night the last time we camped at the Blue Hole. I was that close to having the three best days of my life.

Ozark Mountains Short Story Series
Reviews of award winning short stories

The American Royal and My Gold Buckle
“Once again Rolland Love takes us to the country for another nostalgic story… I recommend his writings to parents who want to show their children the joy of living experienced by kids growing up in a simpler place and time. As an adult, I also have thoroughly enjoyed his Ozark stories.” By: Dave Hargis, Vantage Point Productions

Giggin’ Suckers on a Spring Fed River in the Ozark Mountains
“Rolland Love is a master storyteller… In this coming-of-age short story the reader is invited along to experience giggin’ for suckers with a boy and his dad. The wooded setting, the solitude, and the cold night in winter add a sensual quality to the story telling, and become a character in this story. The boy is fearful that he won’t be able to spear enough fish to feed the group waiting at the cookout. His father shows him the skill of giggin’. There is a mishap toward the end, an accident that reminds the reader how fragile boys can be, but the story ends well with a sense of well-being”. By: Judith Bader Jones, author of Delta Pearls (Fairway, KS)

Grandpa’s Ozark Mountains Hay Barn
“Country on My Mind… Rolland Love’s short story is a delightful read. His descriptions of sights and sounds puts the reader in the middle of an old barn in the Ozarks when life was simpler and relationships with family and good neighbors meant everything”. By: James B. Mclaughlin author.

The Ozark Mountains River’s Edge Pool Hall
“Chalk another one up for Rolland Love… ‘River’s Edge Pool Hall’ is another example of Rolland Love’s knack for transporting the reader to a simpler place and time. In the span of a few pages, this story plants us in the middle of a community filled with interesting Ozark characters”. By: Dave Hargis, Vantage Point Productions

The Ozark Scarecrow
“Rolland Love opens this story with a breakfast scene set in a farm kitchen. A young boy sits down with his parents to an abundant country breakfast. All is right with his world of plenty. The air even carries the scent of an apple pie in the oven. The author uses food to raise the readers’ level of comfort and then confronts the comfort with a problem. A heart warming tale of a boy who claims for himself the power of problem solving in a family that understands the dynamics of that old adage, it takes a village to raise a child” or for that matter, a garden”. By: Judith Bader Jones, author

Homegrown in the Ozarks: Mountain Meals and Memories
“Finalist for Best Book About Missouri 2007”
Cooking Demonstration: TV Video: http://tinyurl.com/327bek

Kansas City Star

By Lauren Chapin
• Homegrown in the Ozarks: Mountain Meals and Memories by Rolland Love and Mary-Lane Kamberg (Goldminds Publishing).

“Love, a Lewis and Clark aficionado, and Kamberg, an established cookbook author, have compiled 140 recipes from the 1940s and 1950s. Each chapter begins with a nostalgic essay written by Love, born and raised in the Ozarks. The recipes use ingredients indigenous to the area or were routinely grown there”.

Review: Rolland, I’ve sent a copy of your cookbook to all of my aunts and uncles in Springfield and they LOVED it! They have lived there all their lives and they never knew how the Ozarks got its name. They learned much and my Aunt Linda really loved the recipes…she’s quite the cook. Also, they thought it was ‘cool’ the way you autographed each book…again, many thanks”. Don Demate

Ebook, Print, Audio Novels, Short Stories and Country Store Items can be purchased through the following websites.

EBook Publishers
Amazon Kindle and Country Store: http://astore.amazon.com/rollandlove-20/
Smashwords: Apple Ipod, Ipad, I phone, Nook … http://tinyurl.com/3z4lbab
Scribd: http://www.scribd.com/RTLAssoc/shelf

Audio Publishers of Ozark Mountains Fishing Stories
Downloadable version: http://tinyurl.com/3v3qabq
CD version: http://tinyurl.com/436smye

Print Publisher
Goldminds Publishing:http://www.goldmindspub.com/rolland_love.htm

Rolland Love – Overland Park, Kansas – 913-831-1909 -rtl@kc.rr.com


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